A Swiss Fromagerie in London

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So why exactly would it seem like a good idea to open a shop that sells just Swiss cheese in inner London? While there are several very good ‘fromageries’ in the city, a shop that deals in this kind of niche specialisation is not just a curiosity, but could be a one-off to the point of finding that there are not enough shoppers to pay the rent.

Yet visit Jumi in north London’s Newington Green and the answer might become apparent. From the outside, this one is different thanks to the natural wood with white wood surrounds that comprise the fascia around the windows. Step indoors, look down and embedded in the wooden floor is a cow’s skull-sized round chamber with a glass top that contains, yes, the skull of a Swiss cow.

Now take stock of the rest of the shop and from the exposed brick walls to the plain, unfinished wood fixtures it is apparent that you have entered cowshed territory and there is a lot of cheese on the shelves. And around you are shoppers!

The store has been open less than two months and the early indications are that not only is this a curiosity, but it looks as if it may be a commercial success. It is also worth noting that the first Jumi cheese store still exists and is a market stall in the UK capital’s Borough Market.