A Taste of the Future in Los Angeles

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Open since last week, to a limited audience, the new Amazon Fresh store in Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon measures 35,000 sq ft, does offer a measure of ‘fresh’ produce and an array of tech aimed at improving the food shopping experience.

Chief among the latter is the ‘Dash Cart’, a shopping trolley with a screen that tots up items placed into it and then totals the whole at the end of the shopping journey. The shopper uses the cart by signing in with a QR code from the Amazon app that, as in the Amazon Go stores, takes money from the user’s account as the store is exited.

Elsewhere in the store there are Alexa beacons that can be spoken to and which will then offer information about where specific products are in the shop.

And for those who really can’t keep up with the digital rush, there are standard checkouts where you can join a line if that’s what you want to do. Otherwise, this is a normal food shop…