A Tem-Plate For Contemporary Luxury in Lisbon

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You know you’ve left the mid-market when you begin to notice a shop’s fixtures and fittings, something that is anathema to mass merchants, where everything is about the stock. And in few places recently is this more obvious than in the newly-opened TEM-PLATE in Marvila, an industrial seaside neighborhood in Lisbon.

Designed by Berlin architects Gonzalez Haase, this is a store where the stock is so minimally displayed that there are moments when it all but disappears, as shoppers admire the steel, mirrors and coffered concrete ceiling that form most of the interior landscape.

There is nothing wrong with this as an approach, providing the prices on the tickets are such that you don’t have to sell too many things to clear costs and make some kind of profit. The overall emptiness also means that there is a contemporary art gallery feel to this store and its offbeat location makes it a destination in its own right for those who make it through the doors.