A Village Gathering from Anya Hindmarch

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Anya Hindmarch is the name both of a designer and a handbag brand, with one designing the other. With 15 standalone stores worldwide and spaces in a large number of department stores, this is a label that has been around long enough for consumers to know what it stands for.

And perhaps with this in mind ‘The Village’, five different shops/spaces clustered together and all bearing the Anya Hindmarch name, has just opened in London’s Chelsea. This is about a state of mind, rather than any particular thing. To this end there is ‘Anya’, a 50s looking café, The Village Hall (currently featuring a hair salon), The Plastic Shop – for sustainable and recycled items, The Labelled Shop, a place for quirky organisational merchandise and, of course, a handbag shop.

They may all be different, yet all of them bear the Hindmarch imprint and it all perhaps goes to show that it is entirely possible to take a brand intimately associated with a particular category and to expand things way beyond this.

Pics:  Cadogan/Anya Hindmarch