Ace & Tate’s Plastic Store That’s Green

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Shops that make use of recycled material remain uncommon, but more retailers are looking at what’s possible and some are acting upon this. And one of the latest to create an interior whose fabric has previously been used elsewhere is Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate.

In Antwerp, the modish Ace & Tate store (its second in the city) is the outcome of recycling a ton of plastic, collected from around the city and fashioned into sheets by Plasticiet, another Dutch company, with which Ace & Tate has collaborated.

All of which means a store whose walls and counters are covered in a material that looks a little as if Jackson Pollock had decided to create a retail interior, with splashes of colour against a white background.

Ace & Tate manufactures the frames for its glasses from acetate (the clue is in the name), which produces waste material. In Germany it has worked with an artist to decorate another of its stores, using this recycled product. This is a retailer that may not have zero impact on the environment, but it is closer than many.


Photos by Lennart Wiedemuth,