Acne Hits Milan

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Acne has opened a flagship store in Milan’s Brera District.

The 165 sq m store has taken over an 18th-century building which spills out onto Piazza Carmine in the independent shopping area, offering an alternative to the upmarket and slick streets of the ‘golden triangle’.


The strong and dominant building occupies a corner space and is a long rectangular box. Fourteen circular windows line the exterior in a symmetrical and linear form.

Inside, the space is minimalist, with hard Rosa Baveno granite on the floor, the same material as is used for the piazza outside. Low-level granite seating occupies the mid-shop.

Acne Hits Milan

The statement piece of the interiors is the Acne pink colored ceiling which features long fluorescent lights that run the length of the store. They are divided into block sections that resemble circuit boards. By day, the building has natural light, and by night these fluorescent lights give a warm glow, which shines across the piazza.

Once again, Acne succeeds in creating an interior that is almost at odds with its surroundings but which nonetheless seems to work.

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