Acne is On-Brand in Nagoya

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Swedish fashion label Acne, best known perhaps for its uncompromisingly severe interiors, has opened a new store in Nagoya that remains true to form as far as the looks and feel of the interior is concerned.

Located on the second floor of an office block in the city, the 275 sq m space is in fact a series of stainless steel panels, around the perimeter and used to divide up the space into category areas and to help give definition to what would otherwise be an almost featureless interior. The panels themselves are gloss, allowing light to be reflected and the carpet, used for the whole of the floor, is matt grey, intended to mirror the steel.

Overhead, the ceiling void is left uncovered, meaning that the lighting fixtures and trunking are backed by black.

As such, this is an interior that is different from other Acne Studios outposts, but like all of the best design handwriting, it is recognisably on-brand.