Adidas, Carnaby Street. How Many Branches Does a Brand Need?

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How many stores is enough in a given location? For an answer it is perhaps best to look at the way in which each branch is different from the others and the opening of a new store from Adidas on London’s Carnaby Street is a case in point.

This is a two-floor store and is in fact an ‘Adidas Originals’ branch. It occupies a corner site, has a long, glazed frontage and within it is about lifestyle and fashion, as far as the offer is concerned. The shopfit, whether it’s the outsize trainer sculpture in the mid-shop, or the Adidas 3D mural that backs the staircase and which is adorned with green plants, is contemporary and green, in keeping with the mood of the times.

The real point about what has been done, however, is that in spite of being no more than a long stone’s throw from the Adidas global flagship on Oxford Street it is sufficiently different to make it a runner in its own right.

The truth, even in these COvid-19 times is that you can have multiple outposts in a locale, but they all need to be able to clearly demonstrate their reason for being in place.