adidas Goes Large in Dubai

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Dubai is a location where outsize and construction tend to go hand in hand, whether it’s the height of a skyscraper or the size of a mall. Little surprise then that adidas has opened its largest store in the Middle East in the leviathan that is the Mall of Dubai.

This is a store that puts digital at the forefront of its activities and for those wishing to make the most of it, the adidas app has to be the starting point for a visit to the store. Armed with this, the shopper can make the most of the 60 digital touchpoints that are in this 16,000 sq ft store with the ability to order a size in an item and have it brought to you while you shop and to play with the changing digital installations that will be a feature towards the entrance.

The store is in fact modelled on what was done on London’s Oxford Street a couple of years ago, but the digital elements have evolved since then and like its other flagships, this one has been made specific to its location

Sports retailing continues to be a hot button and the arrival of this store stands as proof that little expense is being spared, even allowing for current circumstances.