Adidas UltraBoost 20 Defies Gravity With A Brand Experience

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This December adidas presented the revolutionary UltraBoost 20, marking an interstellar partnership with the International Space Station. Both of them have in common that they push the boundaries of discovery, one for the benefit of the athlete in their game, their life and the other for the world. This collaboration was launched globally with an immersive brand activation courtesy of UK based creative agency IS Instore.

China store

From brand flagships through to wholesale retail, franchises and everything in between, the campaign for this partnership created a sort of “lift-off” in the retail space, transporting consumers to another world and planet, in a multi-sensory experience that captures both the imagination of the runner and the sneaker lover.

London storefront

Bethan Youd, the Client Engagement Lead at IS Instore says that global retail sales are set to reach 30 trillion dollars by 2023, and that nowadays brands have more competition than ever. Physical retail is the place where brands show themselves out of the digital mask and platform and cultivate relationships with the consumers, who will stay with them long after they leave the store. With the launch of UltraBoost 20 and the ISS Partnership, adidas had a special opportunity to create something mind-blowingly creative that told this story to the world for one month only – it’s the launch of a new era both for adidas’ product innovation and for the entire running industry as a whole.

Paris store

It is important to remember that this is not just a retail experience but also an ongoing education around the extraordinary development, research and creativity that goes into products like the UltraBoost 20.

IS Instore created a 360° campaign covering all bases, from street level display ideas – with bold, anti-gravity inspired window concepts and immersive activation spaces – to interactive in-store touch points and digital elements that educate consumers on the ISS partnership, design innovations and superior product benefits.

Berlin store

Moreover, there are also, together with selfie booths, product trial areas, anti-gravity merchandising and gifts with purchase that are wrapped up in a spaceship-clad environment crafted from weathered steel, moon-like textures and space-age tools designed to transport consumers into an “extraterrestrial” experience.

After designing and developing the concept, IS Instore created a robust toolkit that was distributed globally to all adidas markets, enabling local teams to pick and choose elements that worked for each retail space and tailor to their audiences to build more authentic connections.

Photos courtesy adidas