Aesop’s 18th Century Bath Store

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Wander into almost any of the very grand houses in central Bath and if there is one thing that is apparent it is Bath stone.

This is light honey-coloured limestone, quarried locally, which gives the Georgian city its distinctive hue. And with this in mind the new Aesop store, in a renovated townhouse on the city’s New Bond Street, has an interior whose walls are composed of blocks of the material and a Pamment tiled floor that matches this.

Created by south London-based JamesPlumb, this is a creamy-coloured piece of monochromatic store design with the trademark in-store basins seeming almost to blend into the fabric of the interior.

Blocks of unfinished Bath stone are also used as 3D graphics around the ground floor, but it is upstairs where this branch is different from other Aesop stores.

Here, a library has been created with an 18th utilitarian aesthetic for those who feel the need both to take a break and to enjoy something simple at the same moment. This will also be a space for private Aesop events. The better-end Aussie skincare outfit continues to surprise.