Aesop’s Granite Face in Sydney

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In fairness to Aussie skincare brand Aesop, it could never be accused of having stores that look the same, even if the product merchandising makes it instantly recognisable. And the latest store that will have passersby peering through windows is on Sydney’s Pitt Street, in the heart of the Australian commercial capital’s central business district.

The store, designed by Oslo-based Snøhetta, is intended to remind visitors of a rocky coastline with its use of dark granite throughout. Whether this is actually achieved in a space in which there is a real sense of order in terms of the materials that have been deployed is a moot point, but there is a real sense of the sober and serious about this branch.

This means highlight illumination in a relatively dark space and, of course, the signature mid-shop basin, in matt silver metal, for product test-driving.

And inside is mirrored on the outside as well, with an exterior that features a granite surround for the door and shop window.