All Saints strips back in Manchester

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If there is one thing that has been used over the years to define the offer from fashion brand All Saints, it has been the vintage sewing machine. Hundreds of the things were used to fill the windows of the retailer’s stores and indeed there were times when it was hard to look into the stores owing to fact that row after row of the black devices obstructed the view.

In Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre, however, the curious can gaze into the newly-opened All Saints stores with impunity, thanks to the fact that the tall, glazed frontage has just a few headless mannequins to distract the eye and beyond that all is minimalist. This is a store for those who like their interiors to offer a focus upon the stock, rather than the equipment, and while there are large sheets of steel and concrete planes to divide up the space, this is a minimalist enterprise in a way that other branches are not.

All Saints has been needing a store revamp shot-in-the-arm for some time, and this looks like it might be it. The design was the work of Al Jawad Pike Architecture who worked with the in-house team and Rawls & Co.

(Images, courtesy of Rawls & Co)