allbirds: keeping it simple

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Putting running and recycling together and you have one of the themes of the moment. Visit the allbirds flagship store, its third in the world, in New York’s SoHo and you have this theme writ large.

Open for a little over two months, this is a store that wears its heart on its sleeve with information in the form of wall graphics everywhere you look about what the trainers and runners on displays are made from (wool, cane sugar and recycled plastic bottles, for the most part). There are no prices on any of the products, but it’s a simple proposition, all of the running shoes in this store are $95.00, making them considerably cheaper than the multifloor Nike flagship’s offering just along the street.

It’s a simple idea, which in essence is what the products are also about and the store interior is spacious with lots of chairs, fashioned from varnished wooden blocks, in the mid-shop.

allbirds is a San Francisco concern, which is where the first physical shop was opened and there is also a store in Covent Garden, London.