Allbirds Keeps Complexity Out of the Equation

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KISS. As an acronym, ‘Keep it simple, stupid’, stems, apparently, from the US navy in the 1960s, but it could have been dreamed up yesterday on the evidence of the newly opened allbirds store in the Stanford Shopping mall, on campus, in Palo Alto.

From the outside, the ethical footwear brand’s store is an exercise in restraint with a low-ley, lower-case logo being set against repurposed and deliberately irregular planks that have been stained and applied to the frontage. Within, this is about space and, once more, simplicity. The mid-shop features just a few pieces of wooden furniture and some curved tiered display plinths in the same material.

The perimeter has wooden tiles on one side and grey woollen ones on the other, with the latter reflecting the fabric used to create the shoes that are in lines of mini-shelves, all of them colour-blocked.

In design terms, this is about paring back and paring back and it works.

Pics: allbirds