Amazon 4-star’s European Launch

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For many shoppers the search for what they are looking for begins online and narrowing the field down a little becomes a matter of relying on online reviews (however reliable, or otherwise, these might be).

With this in mind, Amazon has been operating a fascia in the US for some time called, predictably, Amazon 4-star. The idea is simple, using data gleaned from its online operation, nothing that is on show in an Amazon 4-star store has less than, you guessed it, 4 stars when it is reviewed. What the shopper is in fact confronted with is a shop full of bestsellers

Now Amazon 4-star has moved beyond its home turf with the opening of a branch in the Bluewater shopping centre, in Kent. This one is just like the US stores with a mix of books, tech and homewares, for the most part, with the store divided up more by occasion than by category.

This may not be the most beautiful store that Amazon will put together, but if shoppers are looking for products that have been tried, tested and ticked all the boxes, they could do worse than paying this 3,500 sq ft space a visit.

Pictures: Amazon