Amazon Fashion Pops-up and Gets Noticed

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Here today, gone by Saturday. The life of the pop-up is inevitably short, but the Amazon Fashion store that has been up and running since Monday on London’s Baker Street will probably be remembered for a while after it closes its doors. 

The reason is simple, this collection of own-label and high-profile fashion brands has the support of organisations that matter, which means those that can spread the word about the store quickly and readily. The store itself is a white box a little like an American Apparel outpost of old with white walls with white metal grids attached to them, all aimed at making the stock the hero.

It is the store exterior that really gives the game away however. Yesterday, Pepe Jeans was on hand to customise jeans while you wait and today it’s the turn of Vogue, giving ‘beauty tips’. In total, this is a store that will have the fashionista massive storming Twitter, Instagram and suchlike, ensuring that Amazon Fashion will not go unnoticed.

It may be a somewhat conventional fashion format, but the daily events will catch the moment. All this and they seem to know how to throw a celeb-stuffed launch party, which took part on Monday night.