Amazon Fresh Breaks European Ground for the Online Giant’s Physical Retail

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It’s been a while getting across the Pond, but today has seen the arrival of Amazon as a physical retail entity in the shape of an Amazon Fresh convenience store in Ealing, in West London.

Anybody who’s interested in retail and has been across to New York in the last couple of years will have made the pilgrimage to an Amazon Go grocery store. These are the places where you walk in, having gained admission using the Amazon app, pick things off the shelves and then exit. There are no checkouts and instead an invoice arrives on your phone about 10 minutes later. It’s slick and impersonal.


The Amazon Fresh store in Ealing is a rather larger affair, around 2,500 sq ft, and both the graphics and the product range have been tailored to appeal to Brit customers and to make the store look as if it is part of the local retail fabric. Practically, this means very English looking pastoral landscapes in the graphics and the assurance that everything is ‘fresh’ (the clue’s in the name).

On opening day, this one attracted a crowd. It will be interesting to see how many of these appear elsewhere and how soon.