Amazon Go NYC, The Cashless Store Where You Can Use Cash

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You’re in a hurry and need something for lunch. Amazon Go, the grab and leave store from the eponymous tech giant might seem like just the sort of thing that would work and providing you have the app downloaded and there’s money in your e-wallet, way to go.

But picture this, you approach one of these stores and discover you’ve just got a few notes in your pocket and your phone (for payment) is back on your desk. What next? For an answer, the newly-opened 1300 sq ft Amazon Go store in Brookfield Place, lower Manhattan, might seem a viable alternative. This is a phone-operated, app dominated proposition, but if (God forbid) you find yourself without a handset you will still be admitted to the store…if you ask. Once inside, there is the option to pay with cash, although the ‘till’ is not obvious – it looks just like a piece of display furniture.

Whether all of this is because Amazon feels it is missing out on shoppers who don’t have a phone to hand, or perhaps because there have been press complaints about the ‘unbanked’ being disenfranchised is a moot point, but it looks like an improvement.