Amazon’s Seattle Supermarket

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Stores that enable you to use an app on your phone to gain entry and then to pick things off the shelf and walk out again have tended, until now, to be the preserve of small format kiosk operators or Amazon with its eponymous Amazon Go format.

Now, however, Amazon Go has gone supersize with Amazon Go Grocery, a store in Seattle that uses the same technology as the convenience stores, but rather than being around the 2,000 sq ft mark (maximum), it trades from 10,400 sq ft.

Practically, this means a walk in, walk out grocery store that is actually a supermarket with all that this involves, from shopping trolleys to reusable ‘bags for life’. It also feels, in the same manner as the Amazon Go stores, pleasantly contemporary, with a blacked-out ceiling, dark shelving and ‘hero lighting’.

All of which means that once more the Seattle-based online giant has seized the initiative and others will be scrambling to catch up.