American Dream Looks Sweet in New Jersey

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You’d be hard pushed to find a bigger sweet shop than IT’SUGAR in the American Dream mall – Rutherford, New Jersey – which is seeing a ‘phased opening’ of its many stores and attractions. The overwhelming bulk of the shops are set to welcome their first customers later in the spring, although an official opening date remains to be confirmed.

IT’SUGAR actually opened just before Christmas and so as well as being one of the earliest runners away from the blocks, it is also a sizeable enterprise, spanning three floors and 22,000 sq ft.

A giant, three-storey Statue of Liberty, covered in jellybeans of course, stands sentinel-like at the entrance to the store and within, the ground floor is home to 5,000 sq ft of space for endless sweets and a ‘lollipop garden’, home to 10,000 of the confections on a stick.

The first floor is about branded sweets and at the top of the store there will be a café concept from Oreo.

This one goes a long way towards meeting the claim that it is a candy department store.


Pictures, courtesy of Scott Barfield Photography