An Originals Store from Clarks, Street, Somerset

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If you happen to live in the UK, footwear brand and retailer Clarks will be a very familiar name. The label became even more famous in the 1990s thanks to supergroup Oasis sporting Clarks desert boots (‘Originals’, as the company phrases it) and this week the second UK Clarks Originals store has opened in Street, in Somerset, the location of the retailer’s head office and its factory.

This is a brand that has close to 200 years of continuous trading under its belt and the decision taken has clearly been to reflect this heritage with a store that has more than a little 19th century factory ambiance about it.

Practically, this means a space in which black metal, aged and varnished wood and graphics showing the components of a pair of shoes, all form part of the interior and those visiting will come away perhaps with a sense of history, as well as (Clarks hopes) a pair of sensible shoes. The other Originals store is located in London’s Soho.

Pics: Clarks