An Oxford Street Sook

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As a retail store category, the pop-up has gone from being something fairly leftfield to a central plank of many retailers’ marketing efforts.

That said, there is always the issue of how do you get the right space in the right place at the right time? If central London is the desired location, one answer to this problem might be Sook. This is, in effect, a permanent pop-up platform on Oxford Street. The idea is simple. Whether you’re an online retailer looking at how you might perform in a terrestrial setting or perhaps a brand seeking a little exposure, Sook can be booked by the day, hour, or even time of day.

Within, most of the merchandise action is likely to be on the mid-shop equipment, but there are screens lining the perimeter, which can be used to create an appropriate ambiance, depending on what is required. There are several Sooks in the UK and for wannabe pop-ups this is certainly an option.

Pics: Sook