Angry Panda arrives in Tokyo

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Hipanda, the Chinese streetwear label, opened a store in Tokyo’s Shibuya City last month that combines AR, fashion and monochrome design under one roof. From the outset, this is about an angry-looking Panda and the shopper aiming a smartphone at the logo above the door can have the unsettling experience of watching the creature appear on the handset’s screen prior to jumping out at the user.

A visit to this hyper-modern interior is largely dependent on downloading the app, which then takes the customer on a tour around the ‘haunted house-style’ interior, where hidden creatures are waiting to be discovered.

It’s actually quite an elaborate way of selling Hipanda-branded t-shirts and hoodies, but on the other hand, there is no denying that this is an experience. And as is the case with a fair number of modish stores in the Japanese capital there is also the sense that this is rather more tech-assisted modern art gallery than store.

The interior landscape is the work of local consultancy Curiosity.