Another Black Sheep for the Family, Paddington, London

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As a commodity, coffee and places in which it is consumed is one of those things that benefits hugely from making links with the local community and Black Sheep Coffee, which is overwhelmingly a London thing, does seem to have the consumer by the scruff of the neck as far as this concerned.

The latest branch to open is in Paddington Central, around the back of the London terminus of the same name. Think of Paddington and the mind is probably split between a Victorian station originally designed by architect-cum-engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the Peruvian bear of the children’s story bearing the same name.

The latter is used as a graphic within Black Sheep Coffee, yet curiously it is situated next to a floor-to-ceiling image of a baseball cap-wearing and Bitcoin sunglass-wearing senior citizen, perhaps intended to show the other, urban, side of this part of London.

This one will doubtless find favour and in terms of the graphics alone, it secures its position as part of the local scene(ry).

Pics: Gabriel Shohet, co-founder and co-CEO Black Sheep Coffee