Another Day, Another Flagship: Nike Dubai

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Nike arrives at the Dubai Mall with the latest in a series of flagships that it has unveiled this autumn. This time the store is a relatively modest 35,000 sq ft, but that still makes it big enough to house a basketball court where those who wish to test-drive the brand’s products can give it a go. Space is also given to the now familiar personalisation area in the store where Nike fans can make their purchases their own prior to leaving the shop.

It is also integrated into the mall while at the same time having a face that fronts onto the exterior world and as such it affords shoppers on its upper level a grandstand view of the impressive skyscrapers that comprise the downtown Dubai skyline.

For anybody travelling to the world’s major cities it seems increasingly that there is a Nike flagship for every location, but the Portland-based brand does enough in each location to still provide an element of surprise.