Another Gentle Monster store, but Worth It

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Not often that MiND brings you two stores from the same retailer in a relatively short period of time, but following the opening of the Gentle Monster store in Santa Clara, California, the quirky eyewear retailer and brand has opened another outpost, this time in Seoul’s Lotte World mall.

This one is about ‘alchemy’, or a digital version thereof, apparently. Practically, this translates as an interior in which a giant screen with moving content ranging from chromed figures falling into a void, to a bespectacled, menacing looking figure, all appear as part of a kinetic sculpture.

Like the Santa Clara store, the glasses on display in this store are almost an afterthought, but then that’s rather what Gentle Monster has made its name by doing. The other point is that like almost every other branch from this brand, you’d be hard pushed to wander past without looking.