Anta Means Business in Shanghai

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Outside China, it is probable that few will have heard of Anta, yet in its home country, this is a sportswear mega-brand that can, to a large extent, rub shoulders with the likes of Adidas, Nike et al. And if proof were needed of this, a trip to the new extension of the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, in Shanghai, would tell almost all that needs to be known about the brand’s position in the market.

Here, Anta has opened a flagship that shines brightly, thanks to the use of LED across the frontage. Within this is largely a thing of brushed metal and white surfaces with a staircase where each of the rises is lit from beneath, giving a hi-tech feel to the whole.

There is also the matter of the wall immediately behind the staircase which has more than 600 white resin casts of Anta footwear, designed to illustrate the evolution of successive generations of trainers.

In total, this is a mild showstopper and the store is the work of US consultancy Gensler, which worked with Anta’s in-house team.