APL Offers Shoppers A Sneaker Gallery

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If there is one category that seems to defy the retail gloom currently it has to be limited edition and designer trainers with shoppers being perfectly prepared to spend £100s on a single pair, purely in order to be different (or so the theory goes). 

The new APL store in The Grove, Los Angeles, shows perhaps just how far it is possible to push things. This is a very tall, very narrow store with a grey frontage and an uncompromisingly white interior, the better to show off the brightly-colored merchandise.

It has, in fact, rather more in common with a contemporary art gallery than a ‘store’ as most people would know it and there is a sense that in adopting this form of display APL is offering goods that will be treated as precious objects, rather than items in which to undertake a daily workout.

It is also the case that the further up the price scale the shopper heads the less frippery is likely to be encountered in a store and this flagship store makes the point eloquently.