Apple Arrives in Kyoto

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An Apple store opening continues to be something of an event, particularly when it’s in a location that merits a flagship design. The new store in Kyoto, open now for a couple of weeks, illustrates this perfectly.

As well as being an interesting exercise in creating a store-front that references the fact that Kyoto is intrinsically Japanese (the city is the former capital) with a grid design that looks like the interior of a tatami room (one of the wood and paper divides inside a traditional home), it is also about simplicity, an aesthetic that is in tune with both Apple and Japan.

From a hand-carved stone handrail on the staircase that connects the store’s two floors, to the 6k screen that allows stylized emoticons of the Apple logo to be displayed, this is a store that will attract fans of the brand from a wide area.

It is also perhaps the perfect instance of the ‘build it and they will come’ line of thinking, providing, of course, that the structure is up to scratch.