Apple changes tack in Bondi

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When is a store format so perfect that it needs no adjustment? There are probably plenty who would cite Apple as an example of an unimprovable way of shifting shiny pieces of high tech and associated peripherals.

Yet look back and there is a clear line of development as far as the interiors of the tech behemoth’s stores are concerned and for a new line of thinking a trip Down Under, to Sydney, might be in order. Here, in the Westfield shopping centre at Bondi Junction, the existing Apple store has been given a revamp.

The outcome is a store with two ‘living’ walls, that bookend a space set aside for ‘education and inspiration’ (apparently).  This provides the clue to what this store is about. It is no longer enough to set up a space with wooden tables and lots of sleek looking laptops. Now what matters is helping shoppers understand what can be done with the equipment on display and in so doing, the shop follows the route pursued for some time by network phone shops.

Seven more stores are set to get the treatment in Australia this year and it is probable that this the new look will soon be coming to an Apple flagship near you.