Apple Express, the Apple Store Alternative

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Got your iPhone 12 yet? Possibly not and maybe one of the reasons for not rushing down to the shops is that you don’t want to rush down to the shops, for fairly obvious reasons. However, for those fearful of venturing into shops Apple has come up with a solution: Apple Express.

With a handful of stores across the US and the UK, this is a format that is still in trial mode, but it does make sense in these times of supermarkets with ‘Drive’ propositions and kerbside merchandise pickup. In essence, Express is a physical addition, in most locations, to an existing Apple store with its own dedicated entrance and a wholly stripped back interior. There are two bank teller-style windows within, one for collection of pre-ordered items (new phones, for the most part) and the other for advice, similar to the brand/retailer’s Genius Bar.

That’s it, but it’s enough and as Covid-19 continues to pose both logistical and shopping mindset problems, there is a lot to be said for this kind of alternative thinking.