Apple Reopens a Big Apple Landmark

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A visit to an Apple store is generally an experience, even in the face of there being over 500 stores in 24 countries at the moment. In part this is about consistency and attention to detail while curiously ensuring that almost every branch is in some way different.

And perhaps in few other locations is this more the case than the newly refurbished branch on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Having almost doubled in size and with elements that include ‘Skylenses’ and a polished stainless steel central spiral staircase bringing shoppers from ground level into the subterranean interior, this is a local landmark and yet it bears many of the hallmarks that instantly say Apple.

The store actually launched in 2006 (Steve Jobs officiated) and post-refurb, externally one element is unchanged. This is the glass cube that sits above the staircase and which continues to makes the store an international talking point. Some things need to remain the same.