Apple Sells in the Round

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Most people familiar with the Singapore skyline will recognise the Marina Bay Sands hotel, the one with three towers and a connecting raft across its top that is home to a roof garden and an infinity pool, it’s one of the City State’s landmarks.

It is likely that the new Apple store will capture almost as much attention as the hotel, thanks to its shape. This is a store that floats in the water close to the hotel and it takes the form of a massive, glass-paned orb. Actually, part of the store is below the waterline, but the tables of phones and the ‘forum’ sit beneath the dome that takes its architectural cue from the Parthenon in Rome, thanks to an oculus at the top of the building.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company for a reason, it does things differently. From your sleek but rolled out local Apple branch to this tour de force, this is a brand that knows what it is doing.

The design is the handiwork of London-based Foster & Partners. The store opens tomorrow.