Apple Taipei. It’s all about the roof

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If something works, why not give it a second outing? Apple is set to open its second store in Taipei tomorrow and the thing that marks it out is its roof. This is a carbon fibre reinforced affair with wood inlays, meaning that it is light and durable and can extend well beyond the shop itself, providing a 360° canopy around the building. It also happens to look remarkably like the top of an Apple computer and in this it follows the lead set by the Chicago store, which opened at the tail end of 2017.

Internally, the two-storey store bears all the hallmarks of the current Apple design template with trees, a ‘genius grove’, a pair of composite marble staircases and a lot of plain wood mid-shop tables. That said and in spite of the fact that there are now many ‘flagship’ Apple stores whose layout is similar, it seems entirely probable that when the doors open, there will be plenty of customers waiting to take a look around.

The first Apple store in the city opened two years ago in Taipei 101.