Apple Turnover at Shibuya

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The excitement that surrounds the opening of a new Apple store tends to be a local thing as there are now so many of the things. That said, some of the higher profile new stores and refurbishments are still capable of generating headlines with the new store in Milan, earlier this year, and the facelift for the Regents Street store in London both being cases in point.

Now another revamp is noteworthy. This time it’s in Tokyo and it’s the brand/retailer’s Shibuya outpost which has had a complete remodel, rather than a makeover, with three small floors being added to the structure as it expands upwards rather than increasing the size of the existing floorplates.

The steel cladding which was used for the fascia of the store pre-remodel has been removed, allowing daylight to penetrate the interior with floor-to-ceiling windows making this a reality. The real showstopper however, after work that has taken nearly a year to complete, is the ultra-minimalist staircase which, viewed from above, has the look of a spiral shell and which has a curved glass railing.

Apple continues to surprise, even when you think you’ve seen it all.