Apple’s Berlin Pipedream

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It’s not often that the outside of the shop does most of the work insofar as forging a link with the community is concerned. This, however, is the case in the newly opened Apple store in Berlin.

Located on Rosenthaler Strasse, in the heart of fashionable Mitte, this is in fact the  German capital’s second branch and on the glazed exterior, surrounding the Apple logo, there are Yves Klein blue and hot pink pipes. These are in fact a reference to the above ground pipes which snake their way, via a series of supports, around the city centre and are a distinctive feature that is uniquely Berlin.

Within, the store is what you’d expect of an Apple store with a ‘town hall’ meeting place for lectures and demonstrations, a pickup counter for pre-ordered items and the usual wooden tables bearing small, brushed-metal products.

The hoarding that preceded the store opening was covered in the pipes and as a graphic device to win over the hearts and minds of Berliners, it does the job.

Pics: Apple