Apple’s Champs Elysées Grandeur

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Sometimes there is almost a weariness about the opening of a new Apple store, there are more than 500 branches across the world, and what is special about another addition to the fold?

The point however is that Apple has that happy knack of being able to make every one of its new ‘flagship’ stores not just worthy of comment, but also a thing of some beauty, in spite of the fact that both equipment, display and stock are more or less the same everywhere.

For this reason and no other, the new Apple store on Paris’ very grand Champs Elysées is worth covering. Housed in a Haussmann-era multi-floor building, this is an exercise in taking a structure with a Second Empire appearance and repurposing the interior to make it fit for a 21st century tech brand’s wares.

The highlight of the store is undoubtedly the inside-outside courtyard at the heart of the store, where a roof has been put over a space that was originally a private external area and is now where talks, demonstrations and suchlike are carried out.

Also noteworthy is the staircase, a carved wood affair that dates the interior and forms a pleasing contrast with the hyper-modern nature of the stock.