At Home with Pets at Home

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The best stores are not just about offering things for the shopper to buy, they are places in which to spend some time and just enjoy what’s there.

The newly refurbished Pets at Home store in London’s Camden is a case in point. This is a relatively small interior that has been dubbed a ‘next generation’ branch (it’s one of two, the other is to the south of London, in Richmond). And the reason for the space being somewhere just to meander around is largely down to the visual merchandising and an arresting graphics package.

The store is also about offering the shopper advice, something that is essential for new pet owners, with a dedicated help desk, socially distanced, and graphics around the store proffering handy hints on what matters when it comes to looking after your ‘best friend’. Good use is also made of digital in the shape of screens, positioned sporadically around the shop.

Pet shops can be somewhat tawdry affairs, but this one shows what is possible with this category with a little imagination.