Avon’s Studio 1886 Opens in Koreatown

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65/At 19,000 sq ft, two floors and with a powder pink treatment throughout, Studio 1886 is a very large beauty store. It also happens to be the first of its kind from the North American arm of cosmetics giant Avon.

The store is in Los Angeles’ Koreatown and is spacious, meaning not just that shoppers can observe social distancing but also also means that they can look at the multi-brand offer in a relaxed manner, rather than the usual very densely merchandised approach that tends to characterise the sector as a whole.

There is something of the airport departure lounge about this one with its polished interior, but to this can be added a ‘makeup bar’ and the chance for visitors to use AR make-up in order to get an idea of how they might look with one of the many lotions and potions. There is also a lot of seating in the shape of sofas and banquettes, adding to the store’s ‘slow down’ mood.

Whether this is a one-off or proves to be a runner, in spite of Covid-19, it looks like a welcome arrival and represents real competition for the likes of Sephora and others.