Away From the Blocks for Eataly in London

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Eataly, the Italian deli-cum-dining organisation, has finally arrived in London and given that it’s been trading for years in locations as various as Milan, Munich, Istanbul and New York, you might be forgiven for wondering what’s taken so long.

The answer, very probably, has been the availability of suitable sites and the outfit has finally settled on a two-floor, 42,000 sq ft space on Broadgate, in London’s financial district. This City location should mean a well-heeled crowd when things finally return to something approaching normal and when they do, visitors can inspect an Eataly that has been curated to appeal to UK tastes as far as Italian food is concerned.

Practically, this means confectionary (a long corridor has been turned into a brightly-lit tunnel of sweets), pasta (almost every shape you can think of) and a very big wine department, organised by region. In total, there are around 5,000 products on display which, when coupled with multiple dining experiences, should mean a profitable enterprise.

Eataly has a loyal following, particularly in the US. London looks as if it will follow a similar trajectory.

Cover photo: Eataly