B2S Think Space Gives Another Reason to Visit a Department Store

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A bookshop with a floorspace of around 1,000 sq m would be considered a pretty substantial affair. When that store is contained within the confines of another retailer it really is unusual.

Bookseller B2S Think Space in Bangkok’s Central Chidlom department store is a case in point. Not only is this a very big area in a shop, but it’s on the host store’s sixth floor. From Central’s perspective this means that booklovers have to pass five other floors before they get to the in-store bookshop and that in turn means that there might be incremental purchases and more shoppers get to see the department store’s offer as a whole.

All this, and a book tunnel. This is in the middle of the bookshop-in-shop and takes the form of a curving wood structure with books festooning all of its internal walls. And if this still isn’t enough, then there are stationery and ‘gadget’ departments.

Visiting a department store should still be interesting and in Bangkok, B2S Think Space helps this to be the case.