Back to Basics for Nike in Warsaw and Better for It

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Not everything that involves sports retailing has to mean massive digital screens and whizzy apps. Both certainly have their place, but the latest store from Nike in Warsaw, the third in the city and located in the massive Westfield Arkadia shopping centre, shows that old fashioned VM still matters.

This one is around 1,000 sq m, trades from a single floor and the action, for the most part, centres on mannequins in active poses and good-looking mid-shop training shoe displays. Worth noting too is the floor, which is marked out in a series of grids, making it look and feel as if you are in some sort of sports training arena or perhaps a gym.

You can, of course, make some use of the Nike app in relation to this store, but it is really a store in which both layout and the manner in which the merchandise is shown, combine to make it worth a visit.

Pics: Unbail-Rodamco-Westfield Poland