Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product

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Look and you’ll not find him, the works of street artist Banksy have become a global phenomenon and yet the elusive (spray) painter remains cloaked and all that most people know about him is that he lives somewhere in the Bristol area.

Now he has opened a (temporary) shop in Croydon, south London. The store, called Gross Domestic Product, lives up to its name thanks to a series of items in the shop window all of which are aimed at making a point/being offensive, ranging from replicas of the stab vest worn by rapper Stormzy, to disco balls made from riot police helmets. Items start at £10, but nothing can actually be bought in the store as it does not open.

Instead, those wishing to make a purchase can do so once they have spotted the object of their desire via a website. The ‘store’ is on the site of a former carpet shop and is, in effect, a shop window, lit 24/7 which will remain illuminated for another week. It would be hard to make this kind of thing up.