Barcelona is Mykita’s First Spanish Location

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Mykita, the German eyewear brand and retailer, has opened its first Spanish store, in Barcelona in the heart of the city’s 19th century downtown district. Since it started up in business in 2003, Berlin-based Mykita has set itself apart with a very distinctive shopfit that features walls that stand proud of the perimeter which have been perforated.

Constructed from metal and sprayed white, these help the brand’s 15 stores, in nine countries, to pull off the trick of looking different from the competition while at the same time not overwhelming the offer, which consists of generally subtly-designed glasses. The building in which this store stands is a piece of 19th century grandeur, but the interior is highly contemporary.

All of this is coupled with unfinished local brick for the ceiling and terrazzo tiling for the floor, again striking a modern note, but not detracting from the product displays.

The store also features a ‘lab’ space, washed in pink light, where eye tests and suchlike can be carried out.

Making much of small items in a store is always a challenge and it is one that Mykita has risen to in Barcelona.