Barney’s is Reborn at Saks

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When it closed in early 2020, it looked like curtains for fashion department store Barneys in New York. Since the weekend, however, it’s been back, sorta, in the shape of a 54,000 sq ft space on the fifth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, on the Big Apple thoroughfare of the same name.

So what’s different? Well, the obvious answer is that it’s now, effectively, a Saks-owned concession, but for all the world it looks like the Barneys of old: an open-plan affair in which the shopper moves from brand to brand across the floor with just upright brand beacons offering clues that a transition has been made from one to another.

The host department store  is clearly of the view that the Saks shopper is somewhat more mature than the Barneys fashion seeker, but it will be interesting to see if this attracts a different demographic through its doors.