Beautiful Chocolate: Rabot 1745

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The idea of taking products that have cocoa as one of their base ingredients and then smearing this on assorted body parts in a bid to improve the skin might seem strange to those unacquainted with some of beauty’s more far-flung parts, but it is central to the Rabot 1745 store in London.

Opened last month and with the chocolate retailing force that is Hotel Chocolat behind it, this is a store that is supposed to remind the onlooker of, perhaps, an old-style market stall with strings of pendant bulbs, sackcloth on the walls and wooden crates, used as display equipment in the mid-shop.

The store is in the middle of the Westfield London shopping centre and in terms of creating a sense of difference from its neighbours, it works. It is also the first of its kind for Rabot 1745, which started life a few years ago as a name for a chocolate-themed restaurant in London’s Borough Market, only becoming a beauty brand in 2017.