Bed Bath & Beyond Awakes in Chelsea, New York

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The Bed Bath & Beyond store in New York’s Chelsea seems to have been there for ever and, to an extent, prior to the newly completed revamp, it rather felt as if it had. Now it has had a root and branch makeover which has resulted in a store that is marginally smaller, although it still spans a massive 92,000 sq ft, and which feels very much more spacious, owing to a substantial reduction in the number of SKUs in the store.

What really makes this feel different however is the feeling of an altogether lighter environment, thanks to a different materials palette, mid-shop equipment that dispenses with the ‘pile it high’ idea, allowing views across the store, and easy-to-read navigational signage. The aisles are wider too, giving the brands that range from Dyson to Google nest a better chance of being seen.

There’s a café too and a Sodastream Bubble Bar, the first of its kind.

Pics: Bed Bath & Beyond