Behind the Magic with Anthropologie

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Anthropologie takes us behind the magic of this year’s holiday window displays. Their inspiration this year is the unique and inherently different quality of snowflakes. The windows embody the fluffy and sparkling nature of snowflakes, blowing them up on a larger scale so that passersby can appreciate the delicate intricacies of snowflakes. 

Each window is completely different and bespoke, a nod, of course, to snowflakes themselves. To delve deeper into this year’s inspiration, Erika Lavinia, the display director at Anthropologie gives us some insight into the process and inspiration of the window display theme at Anthropologie.

Tell us about how you got your inspiration for this year’s holiday program

ERIKA LAVINIA: I grew up in up the cold Adirondacks where the temperatures in the winter often times go well below zero. With that type of environment comes A LOT of snow, so growing up I spent many an afternoon trampling through knee-deep drifts brushing my hands through the world of white. My favourite moment was always walking through a falling snow. Catching the flakes in my hands and on the tip of my nose, inspecting each one as a special but fleeting gift from the sky. This year, the windows at Anthropologie are inspired by the incredible beauty and intricacy within those snowflakes, highlighting the unique and complex patterning that makes each one special. By enlarging them too well over 1000 times their typical size we give our customers the opportunity to appreciate those amazing bits of the winter season.


How far in advance do you need to start planning?

ERIKA LAVINIA: We pretty much are constantly thinking about the holiday season: Either the current season’s execution or concept for ones yet to come!


Tell us about the preparations for getting ready for the festivities and your favourite part of the process.

ERIKA LAVINIA: For the holidays the display team within each of our stores will begin working like busy little bees in October, prepping everything for the upcoming season. It is a lot of work to get ready for such a magical time so much is made and stored as the teams await the “special” day. The first of November marks the day our stores begin their shift from Fall to Holiday, and for me, it is a day filled with energy, excitement and typically a lot of snow! In addition, I had the honour of working with well over 35 display artists from our stores throughout the holiday prototyping season. They each brought their own ideas, stories and twists to the concept, together making it what it is for our customers. It is a constant inspiration to be surrounded with such talent!