Behind the Magic with Trussardi

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For this year’s holiday window display, Trussardi has created a festive illusion, hypnotising passersby’s with spiralling snowflakes and running reindeer.

This complex yet artistic display expresses Trussardi’s unlimited capabilities of craftsmanship and innovation and fully lives up to the Italian brand’s vision of instilling excellence, elegance and experimentation.

Responsible for this year’s creative masterpiece is the combined effort of Maurizio Vasile WW Visual Merchandiser & Image Director of Trussardi and Roberto Strino WW Coordinator of Window Display and Creativity. They kindly gave us their personal inspirations and insights behind their festive visual performance.

Trussardi holiday special

Where/ how did you get your inspiration for this year’s holiday program?

The inspiration for the Christmas Holidays is usually one of the most complicated and hard to work on, as you may easily imagine.  Themes and elements are the same every and each year, so the approach is to try and find a way to interpret and display them in a new and different way.

In this specific case, we thought to work on fun elements such as candies and spiral lollipops mixing them with some of the most iconic symbols of Winter: snowflakes and reindeer. As a completion of the composition, we thought to add some dynamism to these mixed elements adding real rotation.

The final result is a hypnotic snowflakes storm and reindeer running in an infinite loop. Last but not least, movement, is something that recalls a characteristic element of the “Maison” Trussardi, which historical symbol is the Greyhound, a dog which represents both speed, dynamism and elegance.


How far in advance do you need to start planning?

Usually, it’s a good habit to be at least six months ahead with plans, to be sure to dedicate the appropriate time to all the aspects involved in the creation of displays.

As you know, making windows is not just a matter of creativity. They need to be engineered and produced to be installed worldwide.  In this case, we had to be really fast in all these steps and had just three months to go from the idea to the first setup here in Milano.

Trussardi’s original sketches and inspiration behind this years Holiday display

Tell us about the preparations for getting ready for the festivities and your favourite part of the process.

Preparation in making windows is quite a standard process that can be summarised in the following steps:

  1. Finding inspiration and conceiving the creative ideas
  2. Making first drawings and interpreting them in 3D renders for our creative director’s approval.
  3. Engineering the idea with a supplier and evaluation of samples and 1:1 scale of a mock-up of the chosen idea.
  4. Customization of the display for each location and compilation of an order to launch a worldwide scale production.
  5. Logistics (shipping, etc…)
  6. Installation in store as per a previously fixed deadline

Of course, being creative guys, our favourite steps are the first two and the last one.When you see with your own eyes your ideas and creations realised is like a dream come true.


Do you have a favourite Christmas display from another store?

It’s very hard to choose from our competitors. These last years have seen an important growth in quality and the standard is getting quite high for all brands. We hope to be on the right wave and to get the chance to work on better and better ideas to surprise and please the audience.